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Pregnancy massage

During the pregnancy, a lot changes in the body of the expectant mother. Hormonal changes and physical discomfort can occur. Symptoms which occur could be complaints in the back and neck, cramps in the calves, swollen ankles and hands, pelvic complaints and lack of sleep. Also anxiety or stress is a common complaint.

A pregnancy massage can help to reduce or even eliminate these symptoms. Blood circulation is improved, stress will be reduced and the massage reduces pain and swelling. Moreover, in this period when so many new experiences occur and many things have to be arranged, it is a well deserved moment for yourself.

At Lilawadee massage we have a special pregnancy table with cut out for the abdomen and breasts. During the massage you can lie relaxed on your stomach, which is considered to be very welcome by most women because this usually is not possible anymore during pregnancy. With the special belly band that is adjustable, the abdomen is supported which gives a safe and secure feeling.

The pregnancy massage is suitable for pregnant women starting from three months (from the second trimester) untill the final weeks of the pregnancy.

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