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Thai yoga massage

“Thai massage is like yoga for lazy people”

What is Thai yoga massage?

Thai yoga massage (Nuad Bo-Rarn) combines the philosophies of the Chines acupuncture with stretch exercises from yoga from India. This holistic form of massage can be best described as a very effectively coordinated combination of yoga, massage, meditation and acupressure. Thai massage will help you to relax, will energise you and will balance you physically, mentally and energetically. During a Thai massage you will lie on a mat or matrass and you are massaged through specially designed comfortable clothing. The masseur will massage and stretch you in fluent movements. The energy lines (Sen lines) are manipulated by hands, fingers, feet and sometime elbows and knees by putting pressure on certain acupoints through using the body weight. This causes a flow of energy that improves the blood circulation and discharges toxic substances from the body. This way the balance in the body is restored.


The beneficial effects of Thai yoga massage:

  • it improves your physical awareness
  • it improves your blood circulation
  • it improves your energy balance
  • it improves the function of your organs
  • it improves your defence mechanism
  • it helps to discharge waste substances from your body
  • it makes your muscles supple and your body flexible
  • it can solve back, neck, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip and headache complaints
  • it reduces the effects of stress
  • it provides you with a deep, intense relaxation
  • it refreshes and clarifies your thoughts and emotions
  • it releases blockages in your body
  • it helps to postpone the aging process of the body

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